Saturday, July 17, 2010

Georgia on my mind :)

At this very moment, I'm 20,000 feet in the air on a plane leaving Georgia and bound for Alaska (Apparently planes have wireless now,,,technology is crazy.) , and as excited as I am for Alaska, I'm SAD to be leaving Georgia!
Georgia is Beautiful!!!!
It's SO GREEN and so incredible!!!
Also, I had a WONDERFUL time spending the past week with Ben and his family, I'm so reluctant to leave!
Here are a few of the fun adventures I had in the short week I was here
-White water! Atlanta's Six Flags Water Park
-Blueberry picking
-Eating delicious southern biscuits at little a mom and pop place
-Hiking Kennesaw mountain
-Watching a laser show at Stone Mountain
-Watching a glass blowing demonstration
-Playing in the rain out in a big southern thunderstorm
-Walking around down town Atlanta--we were going to visit underground Atlanta and the Olympic park but rain hit and we ran out of time before we had to be at the airport
-Visiting Marietta Square and having some yummy ice cream :)
The best part of the whole trip though has just been spending time with Ben and being with him again just being silly and talking and being together! I love it :) Luckily, I have a whole nother (yes, i know nother isn't a word...but it should be!) week of that, and leaving Georgia will just be replaced with a new adventure in Alaska :)

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