Wednesday, April 23, 2008

walking to an early final!

so, i was walking to an early final this morning, it was about 6:45, and it was a beautiful morning! the sun was just coming up, leaving just a tinge of pink in the air, it was cool, but not uncomfortable, and everything was in bloom!

beautiful tree

so, this is a picture of the beautiful tree that's just outside our window, it's in bloom right now and it's so springy! i love it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

chile limon chips

so, have you ever tried these suckers? they're amazing! they're my new favorite flavor, and i've been eating them...a ton of them....the last few days!! i should have bought a smaller bag :)

my apartment

so, this is my abode...home sweet home these last 8 months :) i'm gonna miss it..third floor, left side when facing the building, that's us!

Monday, April 21, 2008


wow. 4 more days. then i'll be back home after my first year of college. where did the time go? i can't believe it. a year ago i was freaking out because i didn't even know where i wanted to go, now a year has passed. it's been a good year, a year of fun , of trails and triumphs, a year of making new friends that will last forever, and missing old ones who will forever by in my heart <3.It has been a crazy year, a busy year, a year of laughing and crying, of loving, learning, making mistakes and growing. BYU is my home. I'm going to miss it, and although i love my family, i belong here right now. I am going to miss the friends i've made (some of whom i wont see for more than 2 years!), my ward, living in Wyview, i'm going to miss the spirit that is here at BYU, miss the beautiful campus, i'll even miss some of my classes....i'll miss everything that has become my life these past eight months. It has been a good year, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

warheads :)

hehehehehe.........muahahahahahaha!!!!! the candy that makes me hyper!!!


ewwwwe! the air here is soooo disgusting today! the weather is relatively nice...except there's wind, and so much grit, grime and garbage in the air that the wind just blows it all around, and makes it worse. when you walk outside, you can feel the grit blowing against your skin...yucky! the pictures show the difference between a normal day and today

walk around campus part 2

so, i really enjoyed my walk around campue the other day, so i thought i'd put up some more cool pictures from it :) i found this cool tree, and the bark was crazy, it looked just like paper, and then there was this little daisy-ish i put my camera on the ground and shot up at it ( i was shooting into the sun, which is why theres a blue tinge, no, it's not photoshopped at all). i also love the fact that the mountains were reflected nicely in the JFSB, one of my favorite buildings on campus, and then of course! i love the beautiful tulip!

Friday, April 18, 2008

smoothies :)

so, ben often decides to make these orange smoothies.....and he always feeds them to me cause he knows i love them....:)...and they're delicious!!!

the effects of finals on students..enough said..poor rochelle

halo addiction name is la carlotta and i've been halo free for 3 days. (shifty eyes) Okay okay! you win..i lied, i'm a liar!!! i've been halo free for less than half an hour! IM AN ADDICT!!!!!
haha, okay, so i'm not that bad, it does happen that i played just a while ago, but anyway, yes....thanks to ben addam and tyler, i now love halo. i know i know, not a normal activity for me....oh well :)
and yes, that is cream cheese frosting on my nose...ben thought it was funny (haha) to put it on my nose while i was playing because i was in the middle of a game and couldn't get it off. haha ben, haha.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

spot of color

Oh! i forgot, how sad! near the beginning of the semester, the planter box we have in our apartment started blooming! it made me sooo happy to have a bright spot of color inside! and you know me....i love flowers anyway, and plus, they made a good photo here they are in all their beauty!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


so this is basically what my life is going to look like for the next week.....staring at a comuter screen, textbooks and notes, studying relentlessly for finals, and then crashing after a long hard study session. fun huh? life :)

batle wounds!!

haha! so, being the clumsy person that i am, somehow i managed to hit myself in the back of the knee with my ski pole...and as the days pass, the bruise just keeps getting prettier and prettier! there's also a matching one, that's about three times the size, but not one i can take a picture of! lets just say it hurts to sit...ouch!oh yeah, in addition to these wounds, i also had sunburned eyes and lips! haha :) it was totally worth it though!


i'm tired. so so so tired. after pulling an allnighter the sunday night to finish up projects and assignments for the end of the term, i am still not caught up on sleep. it's 2:20 am, and yes, i'm still up becuase i've been registering for fall semester, registration opened up at much for my plan to get to bed early. oh well, at least i can sleep in some tomorow. today was the last day of my first year of college..holy cow, that's insane....and tomorrow and thursday are reading days......ugh, that means finals are just around the corner. oh well, a few more days of studying and the endurance test will be over. i'll be free!!! well, at least from school......oh yeah. i'm also bummed. today i found out that i wasn't accepted into the department of visual apparently no photography major for me. oh well, i'll find something else, and my love for photograhy wont change.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


on saturday, i went skiing with ben. we were going to go for his birthday, but it just hasn't worked out.....finally though, we were able to go. it was a beautiful day, we couldn't have asked for better skiing weather! the sun was out, we didn't have to wear big coats, and it was so warm, i took of my hat and almost took off my gloves and hoodie. the mountains were gorgeous! the bright white snow everywhere, the evergreens and the blue sky together were breathtaking. the snow was good for skiing, it hadn't gotten mushy yet from the sun. we went to alta for the free skiing on saturday, and got there early before the lift opened so we could teach ben to ski on the bunny hill. he did really good! i got up the courage to go on some jumps, they were just hills that went up and down, so i didn't jump, but i did go on them! then when the lift opened, we went up, and made four runs before it closed :) it was just all together a perfect experience!

walk around campus

sunday i took a nice walk around campus..and it was amazing! it was so nice and sunny and springy! i had a great time taking pictures :)