Sunday, September 20, 2009

the sound of rain

Okay, something I am greatful for today is the sound of rain. It's a wonderful sound, so delicate, so soothing! Likr right now, for instance, I can hear the rain pitter pattering as it bounces off the leaves just outside my window, It's so tranquil! I am also thankful for the sound of crickets...which I can also hear now. Between the sounds and the cool rain-scented breeze wafting in the window right now, I am thuroughtly content, Im going to fall asleep smiling :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

take the cake!

mmmmmmm :) today heaven=cake batter ice cream! i mean really, ice cream+white cake batter (two of my favorite things ever!) = pure yumminess! enough said!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

a blissful float

ahhhhh, you know what's wonderful? Floating gently down a river into the evening sun surounded by natural beauty.

doesn't that sound wonderful??

IT IS!!!

so, friday afternoon, we went up to my roomate's cabin in provo canyon and decided to float the provo river, it was spectacular! swim-suit clad with intertubes around our hips, we got out of the car (well, more like FELL out of the car, you try fitting 5 people and 5 intertubes in one car!its rather squishy!), walked down a short trail and tiptoed into the freezing river water to begin a lazy drift down the river. We just layed back, relaxed, soaked up the sun that shone on our slightly chilled faces and limbs, chatted, squealed a bit as we came accross small rapids, and enjoyed the beauty around was so SO wonderful!

afterwords, we went back to the cabin where we snecked on animal crackers dipped in peanut butter and eggrolls as we played games snuggled in blankets. altogether, it was a perfect friday, the way I'm convinced every friday should be spent :)

haha, here is a cheesy picture we took before the float, and one at Lindsay's cabin