Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things

This one is a little different than the others. Pick 25 random things about yourself to share with people you care about and wish to know more about. Rules:Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things (altough i put more) , facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. I TAG ANYONE WHO READS THIS.
1. i'm addicted to panda express and slurpees (pina colada and vanilla are my favorite flavors)
2. i've always regretted giving up piano lessons when i was little. i'm trying to make up for it now by taking a piano class, but i'll never make up all the time i've lost. 8 years. that's how long ago i quit.
3)i'm a sucker for dimples.
4) if i could go anywhere in the world, i would go to italy or new zealand. followed by a gajillion other places. france, greece, peru, thailand, mexico, switzerland,brazil, england, scotland, tahiti, fiji, hawaii, everywhere. i want to travel the world!
5)i hate the smell of money. come to think of it, i hate money.
6) i do weird things when i'm asleep. i walk ,talk, laugh, have conversations with myself or others, and i used to wake up upside down all the time.
7)my feet and hands are always matter what.
8) i think giraffes are the coolest animals ever.
9) i have a fettish for scarves and fuzzy pajama bottoms, i have WAY more than any person could ever need.
10) i dont like anything that is flavored grape, cherry, lemon or lime, but i love grapes, cherries, lemons and limes.
11) i love the taste of pepto bismol.
12)when i was little, i wanted to be either a marine biologist, or a wedding planner.
13)) i love lists. i write lists for everything. i write lists of my favorite smells, places i want to visit, my favorite sounds, my blessings and things i'm greatful for, etc.
14) my favorite color is teal. or aqua, turquoise, whatever you want to call it. anything that is a shade of mixed blue and green, i love it.
15) i love life. every minute. yes, i'm weird... i even like trials and difficult times because they all help me grow and be so much more appriciative of good times. no pain, no gain. i believe that with all my heart.
16) i love dancing in the rain (especailly with my mom...she likes it too and we've had many crazy days dancing like idiots in our yard during a storm) i also LOVE lighting, thunder, the way the sky looks before, during, and after it storms (that thick grey heavy coating of clouds) i also love the fog. and the sun. and i love how the sky gets white before it snows.
17) my favorite disney movies is finding nemo. close behind it are the emperors new groove and montsers inc.
18)war heads make me EXTREMELY hyper, especially when combined with lack of sleep
19) i LOVE pictures. i love taking them,and i love looking through old ones. i'm not sure anyone can compehend how much i truly love pictures.
20)i also love flowers. i love photographing them, planting them, seeing them, picking them, smelling them, I LOVE LOVE flowers.magnolias are my favorite :)
21) i have really weird handwriting. people say that it looks nice but at the same time it's illegible. also, i hold my pencil weird. i curve my wirst around and wright like i'm a lefty, even though i'm not. i remember people telling me i wrote wrong wne i was little, but i never changed it.
22) hoodies are probably my favorite clothing item on earth (well, besides scarves and pj's :) )
23) i have enough pairs of flip flops that i could wear a different pair each day for over a month. i dont know why i have that many, they've just built up over the years.
24) winter is a conflicting season for me. i hate the cold. i hate it i hate it i hate it. but, i love the beauty of snow, playing in snow, skiing, snowboarding, and i love curling up under a blanket with hot chocolate or cider and watching it snow outside.
25) my favorite movies are action (the italian job, mission impossible, the bourne series) and chick flicks (there are simply too many to list)
26)i hate eye makeup. i've only worn mascera and eyeliner once in my life, and only for a brief time. eyeshadow i only ever wear for haloween or 80's day cause you can't be a true 80's chick without blue eyeshadow right? going along with the no eye makeup, i dont really like makeup at all. i didn't wear any ever until i was a senior in high school, and even then (and now) i only wear it very very minimally.
27) i have way more clothes than any person needs. i have no idea how i have so many, but i seriously have tons. ask my roomates. and they haven't even seen the closet and dresser full i still have at home.
28) i have naturally CURLY hair. not very many people know that because i usually either pull it back when it's wet so it drys straight, or i straighten it. i like how it looks when it's curly, but it drives me nuts because it's just so wild and unmanageable.
29) one of my favorite places on earth is the oregon coast. although i love normal, hot beaches where swimming suits and flip flops are the perfect attire, one of the reasons i love the oregon coast is because you can wear sweats and a hoodie while walking on the beach. i also love the fog on the beach in the mornings, i love the smell, i love the green forests and the beautiful craggy rocks, the steep, dark cliffs and the sound of the waves crashing against
30) i have more nicknames than i can count. my mom calls me something different every week, and my closest freinds all have different tearms of endearment for me. here are a FEW. my moms favorites: carlylicious, carlilly, carlisle, cala lilly, charlie, carls jr, car-elise. others from family:carcar, chippy,carson, from freinds: la carlotta, little c, cheerio, calarly/kalarlyfluff, and my favorite ones from ben, carlyann,goober,veragana bella (italian for young woman, he heard it in a song once).
31) one of my goals before i die is to speak 4 of the 5 romance languages (romanian is the 5th romance language, i dont really want to learn it). French i've almost got, italian is next followed by portugese and spanish.
32) my perfume is called sensual amber. i hate the name, love the smell. my favorite mens cologne is polo blue. blame ben for that one:).
33)my hands shake when i get nervous, really bad. when i get emotional, my chin quivers(just like my dad's) and i make ugly faces.
34) i love cookie dough, cookie dough ice cream and cookie dough pop tarts. i also love licking the bowl after making brownie batter or white cake batter.although i LOVE chocolate, i'm not a fan of chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake. i'll eat them, but i don't love them. i'm a vanilla girl.
35) i love hot food. really hot. the hotter the better, even if it makes me cry. i just plain love it! and i love extremely sour candy.
36) when i was little, i had very very ecclectic tastes, my mom was worried about what my style would end up like. we were wedding shopping with my aunt once and i saw some plain maroon and navy colored napkins i liked. i told my mom and she told me if i promised i'd use them at my wedding, she's buy them. she told me later that she seriously almost did buy them and make me stick to my promise because she was so worried that i would choose some crazy, excentric wedding colors/ she jumped at the chance to buy me something normal that i liked :)
37) i dont have peirced ears. i got them pierced when i was eight, but they got super infected and my ears closed over the earings. i had to twist them (which ripped skin) for a few hours before i could get them out. they've never gone back in since and they never will.
38) i'm deathly afraid of needles. i dont know why, it's irrational, they're just ti=eeny little things and they don't even hurt that bad but i hate them with a fiery passion!!! i've had my blood taken probably literally a hundred times in my life, so you would think i'd be used to needles, but i never will be. once when i had strep throat, i was offered $100 to participate in a study (this when i was in elementary and $100 was basically a fortune). the only thing is that the study required i had my blood taken....twice. that meant TWO needle pricks...therefore i turned down the money/small fortune.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

tyler, my camera and photoshop=fun

okay, so over christmas break i was sitting in the living room with my brother and i just snapped this shot. i really like it :) anyway, then i started fiddling with it in photoshop. this is the original one.....then i got rid of the background so it was just black....then i sucked out some of the color.....then black and white....then i took the color from the writing on his shirt and colored his eyes. i'm a nerd, but i love to play :)

my favorite christmas ornament

okay, so this little ballerina is my favorite thing ever :) i don't even remember where i got it, but every year, it is the ornament i put on the tree first (with the exception of this year, because my family decorated the tree without me ). I love it!