Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Engagement photos :)

So, Ben and I had our engagement pictures taken weekend before last, and it was spectacular! We went to some really cool places, and then at the end of the day we went to the gallivan center and had some fun with the fountains. I love how they turned out, and I can't wait to see the rest! check them out here :)

Bridal Veil Falls

Ahhhhh :) Nothing like a hike to a waterfall and a nice picnic on a beautiful summer day! My roommates and I ventured up to bridal veil falls. I've never actually been up there before which is tragic! It's such short little hike but it's SO cool! It really is a spectacular thing to stand at the base of a waterfall. Anyway, following the mini-hike, we had a lovely picnic on the grass in the cute little park there. You can't go wrong with watermelon, cheetos and kit kats on a summer day, can you?

Monday, September 6, 2010

the proposal!!!

so, i'm a little bit behind on my blog but this is something I definitely have to put on here! the story of how ben proposed :)
basically i got the shock of my life one afternoon in august :)
(August 7th to be exact)
My sister had called me earlier in the week and had asked me if I wanted to go to lunch on Saturday and I said sure. Come Saturday, I was glad to be going to lunch with my sister. All through the morning too, I was talking to Ben on the phone too. He had driven from Atlanta to Denver in the days before that and had just arrived in Denver Friday night. He was supposed to start work Saturday, so I was asking him about how his first day at work was going and stuff. The few times I talked to him, he said they were just driving in between appointments or finishing meetings and stuff like that. What I didn't know was that he was lying through his teeth and really he was on his way to Salt Lake!
Anyway, so i get to the Cheesecake factory (where were eating lunch....it also happens to be where Ben took me for lunch for an early birthday present before he went back to Atlanta the summer he left on his mission ) and I called Brianne to see where she was at. She said she'd be there in a few minutes so just go ahead and go in and get a table. I went in and they said for two there was no wait, so I just sat in the little lobby to wait for Brianne. Well...turns out Brianne and Ben had been conniving and I was completely in shock when Ben walked in! I think I had a weird combination of a smile and the deer in the headlights look on my face for the first few minutes :) I was just so in shock! It was wonderful :) He handed me a rose and we sat down to have a delicious lunch and just enjoy each others company. During lunch, I got the story. He and his brother had just stopped in Denver briefly Friday night to sleep, and then they had continued on driving to Salt Lake from there. Sneaky!
(our lunch at the cheesecake factory...bens burrito was HUGE!) So yes, after a marvelous lunch, Ben walked me to my car. He opened the door for me, gave me a kiss, threw something on my lap and then closed the door and started walking away. I was so confused! I looked at my lap to see what he had given me, and it was a paper with some Brazilian white chocolate attached. The note with it said something to the effect of "I love you because of all the crazy times we've spent together and all the memories we've made" the it said "call emily (my roommate who speaks portugese) and ask her about the chocolate. I called Emily and found out that the white chocolate sticks were called "batons"--which is the portugese word for lipstick :) That made me smile...because sure enough, just as intended, it brought up a wonderful memory :)
One time Ben was at my house for a day (I think over Thanksgiving break...maybe christmas break before he flew home) and he was sleeping on the couch while my mom and I made white chocolate covered pretzels. I decided to be mischievous and i took a butter knife covered in white chocolate and used it to draw a lovely white chocolate mustache on ben :) he woke up---and of course--had to get his revenge so he kissed me! the white chocolate got all over my face.
White Chocolate "lipstick" was a rather good way to remind me of that memory, don't you think?
Anyway, so then basically I ended up on a scavenger hunt type thing. Each paper he gave me would have written some reason he loved me within it a clue to where to go next. Each of the places I went were places that were significant to us; either places we had gone on dates, places we both loved, or places we had good memories at :) Every other location he left a rose and another paper for me to find, and at every other location he was there to give me the rose and the paper. That was wonderful, cause then he went on the journey with me :)
Here are some of the places we went:
-Temple Square :) We went there on a date to see the lights one time :) also, it just so happens that Rochelle (aka Sister Frogget) who is one of our dear friends is serving a mission there. Ben got there before I did and started looking for her because he wasnted to say hi after not seeing her for 2 years, and he knew i'd want to see her too! Well...he said it was pretty funny because to find her, he asked a few other sets of sisters on the square where she might be. They all gave him funny looks because he had a rose in his hand and he was asking for a Sister :) Anyway, eventually I got there, and the two of us had a chance to tag along on one of the tours Sister Frogget and her companion were giving, it was great :)
the fountain was up while we were there too..which was cool :)
Next it was down to provo where I got sent to Target. Freshman year we had gone on a wild hunt for bulk jelly bellies and we found them at target :)
Then, it was off to the ice skating rink---where we had gone on our first date :)
next the courtyard on campus where we spent many sunny hours studying and just enjoying spending time together
a random picture i took of what my car seat looked like

next was the field just outside our complex that we would take long walks around. We went on walks all the time, and that's partly how we got to know each other so well
this is just a picture I took as we were walking around the field :) isn't he handsome?

next was up to the parking lot where you begin the hike for Y Mountain because that's another date we had gone on. Hiking the Y together was a great memory :) the view from up there was beautiful too!

next to the Malte Shoppe. This is funny, cause actually we went on a double date here...where we were not each others date. I actually went with one of his good friends from home. Before we were dating..we were just the best of friends. The malt shoppe reminded of us of that strong friendship we had even before we were dating.
us at the malt shoppe---the photo quality is poor cause it's from my phone :)
next we went to the Wyview Central building. Wyview is where we lived freshman year. There were several times that year that we would go over to the central building and dance..either to practice for our ballroom class or just hanging out with Addam and Rochelle and having fun dancing. So...we went there and ben had it all set up so we could slow dance to a few of our favorite songs :)
After that I stopped outside of my old apartment to grab another clue, and that led me to my last destination.....the park :)
One time, we went on a stargazing date to this particular park. We went with my roommate and her boyfriend, and also with Addam and Rochelle. It was on that date in that park that Ben first tole me he loved me :) When we got to the park, we just sat on a blanket and talked for a few minutes, and then low and behold....Ben drops to a knee and proposes :) ahhhhh :)
i was so happy!
of course i said yes :)
then... he actually had gotten my roomate sarah to come and take a few pictures, and he gave me a boquet of roses :)

isn't he sweet? seriously! So, Ben and I are getting married for time and all eternity December 17, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple, and I couldn't be happier :)


oh man.
i can't even begin to dsecribe all the fun things that we did in alaska and all the wonderful things we saw! i'll just sum it up as best as i can.
alaksa trip descriptors:
beautiful. gorgeous in fact.
completely marvelous spending time with ben.
full of moose. seriously, we saw them everywhere.
adventurous! we went flying, hiking and four wheeling :)
memorable :)