Thursday, March 5, 2009


okay, so i really want to get better at drawing here are a few pictures that i'm going to start work on drawing. if you want to volunteer your face for practice, let me know :) i'm sure i have pictures somewhere, i just dont wanna draw anyone without them knowing. this first is sully, isn't he the cutest thing on earth!!!!!! look at those eyes!!!
sully and his cutie self again
and this is my favorite picture ever of ben. he told me once that he hated this picture...but i love it because it shows that typical silly grin of his that i love :)
okay, well wish me good luck as i start tackling all these faces!!!!! (and finishing all the other unfinished pictures!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

catching up!

okay, so i have been terrible in since christmas...of keeping up on all the silly things me and my roomates do and all the adventures we have. so...i'm trying to make up for it by posting a few random pictures from the last month!! it was the craziest thing!!! ....sarah and I got possessed by green ninjas !!! explinations needed...we're just plain insane!
haha, this is what i did to alyssa's hair one night...she has the perfect built in halloween costume! just think of all the possibilities with hair like this!
bubblegum kisses :)
sarah and i just starting to cook for our roomate dinner