Saturday, April 11, 2009

MAGNOLIAS!! plus some other beautiful blooms :)

okay......soooooo....i may be semi-obsessed with photographing magnolias.....and flowers in general :) i was at my aunt's house today...and her magnolia bush was gorgeous, as well as some of her other flowers. here are some of my favorites! these magnolias just had so much spunk and personality, i loved them! plus.....they smell AMAZING! gotta love them!
yeah, so i ttok a ton of pictures, and then it started to rain.... :) i had to go out again and take more pictures! magnolias and rain, can't go wrong with that!!! this next one is probably my absolute favorite :)
this tulip was actually in my yard...i took it last week, but i just had to add it, it's gorgeous!
flowers are definitely one of God's amazing creations!!!!!

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